Value of the US Dollar in BANXICO

Interbank dollar to 48 hrs

Published date: 22/may./2024

Exchange rate peso to dollar in the interbank market with settlement on the second banking business day (48 hrs). The majority of interbank transactions in dollars are carried out in this way, providing a margin of two business days to cover the transaction at this exchange rate is also called spot

FIX Exchange Rate

Published Date: 22/may./2024

The FIX exchange rate is determined by Banco de México on bank business days based on an average of the market prices of wholesale exchanges for liquidated transactions on the next second banking business day.

Exchange rate in DOF

Published date: 22/may./2024

The FIX exchange is published by the Banxico in Official DOF the previous immediate bank business day its determination

Dollar for payments

Published date: 22/may./2024